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Roofing Tall Tales

As told by Clelland Russell

Your Ethical Roofer

Roofing Tall Tales tells the story of George and Joann Brown’s journey of replacing their roof after the storm. This book was written as a quick guide to help homeowners navigate the sometimes intimidating process required to choose a roofer, handle a claim, and install a new roof. In addition to the story, the reader will find easy to use summaries, diagrams, images, and definitions of roofing terms. Written by “Your Ethical Roofer”, this book was created to educate and empower homeowners by giving them the questions to ask and confidence to act on behalf of their most valuable asset.

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A few years ago I began interviewing roofing companies when a relatively new roof on my home began leaking, again and again. After interviewing numerous roofing companies, I chose Clelland, Rick, and their team. Not only did they provide detailed illustrations regarding the reasons my existing roof deteriorated so quickly, they also procured thousands of dollars of savings from the shingle manufacturer unavailable to me otherwise for my roof replacement. This experience in mind and, not surprisingly after reading this book, it’s clear that the author and the ethical roofer of this tale are one in the same”.

- John McCarty - Kentucky Homeowner