Gutters & Gutters Guards Installation in Louisville, KY

Not Just Roofing

ProClaim Roofing Company installs gutters and gutter guards, custom cut on site to perfectly fit your home.

We install both 5″ and 6″ K style gutters, half round gutters, copper gutters, and more. We have many options to choose from.

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Gutter Guards

Gutter guards ensure your gutter system functions optimally with as little maintenance as possible. Gutters that are clogged can back up and will not be able to channel water away from your house effectively.

Half the Price of Other Major Gutter Guards

Protecting your home from water damage shouldn’t put you in the poorhouse. Compare our prices with others and we think you will be pleasantly surprised. 


Guaranteed to be clog free.

Protects Your Home by Eliminating Gutter Overflow and Preventing:

Damage to your foundation.
Fascia rot.
Exterior wall stains.
Wet basement walls and floors.
Landscaping damage.

Eliminates Standing Water in Gutters

Standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.


We have gutter guards available to fit both 5” and 6” K-style gutters.

No High Pressure Sales

We’ll provide a quote in writing that’s good for six months, so you won’t feel pressured to make a quick decision.

Gutter Installation

Gutter Guards Installation

roof inspection

storm damage

Why choose seamless gutters from ProClaim Roofing Company?

Gutters are custom cut to perfectly fit your home.

Gutters are available in both 5” and 6” sizes.

Gutters can usually be installed in just one day.

Lifetime guarantee that the gutters will never rust.

Lifetime guarantee on the gutter’s paint finish.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters have no seams where leaks can occur. This helps ensure that the gutters carry water away from your home and prevents water infiltration around your foundation, or into your basement. A seamless gutter design also helps maintain the strength and integrity of the gutter system so expansion, contraction, freezing and strong winds have little or no impact on our seamless gutter.

Signs That You May Need New Gutters

  • Gutters are cracked. 
  • Gutters are rusted.
  • The gutters are pulling away from the roof.
  • The gutters look uneven.
  • Exterior walls are water stained.
  • Water is pooling on the ground beneath the gutters.
  • Water is pooling in your basement. 

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