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E08: You Can Eat Off that Floor, Carpet Cleaning and Restoration with Dayron Rodriguez

Clelland Russell
Clelland Russell

Entrepreneur, tradesman, author, and advocate for the trades!

Show Notes

This week Clelland welcomes Dayron Rodriguez, owner of Rodriguez Cleaning & Restoration to the podcast. Dayron gives the rundown on his industry, from straight forward carpet cleaning to tile steaming and the certifications needed to treat certain fibers with confidence. While there is a fairly substantial start-up cost entering into the carpet cleaning business, Dayron is proof that with proper motivation and a willingness to work, one can certainly be successful.


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LinkedIn – Clelland Russell

FB – @WhytheTrades


Guest Links

Dayron Rodriguez – Owner, Rodriguez Cleaning & Restoration

FB – @rodriguezcleanpro

IG – @rodriguezcleanpro



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